Aging eyelids may turn in, turn out, or droop and if they are affecting your vision, we can make a difference. Blepharoplasty is the procedure most commonly used to treat drooping eyelids and may be covered by insurance if your vision is impaired.

Styes are caused by blocked oil glands on the eyelid and are much like a pimple. Chalazions are small painless bumps on the inside of the eyelid that are formed from healed internal styes that no longer are infectious. Most of the time these will heal on their own, but may require surgical treatment when unresponsive to medical therapies.

Our surgeons are also trained in the treatment of dermatochalasis (“bags under the eyes”) and skin cancers occurring on the eyelid. We can both diagnose and treat these and other eyelid pathologies. Contact us today for evaluation.

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