Glaucoma painlessly robs people of peripheral vision. Often associated with increased eye pressure, about one-third of glaucoma patients have normal pressure. Routine screenings can minimize this progressive condition. Early detection and careful management often prevents vision loss.

A disease of the optic nerve, glaucoma is usually seen in patients as they age. If left untreated, glaucoma can ultimately lead to blindness. With an early diagnosis and treatment plan, vision loss can be prevented. If any abnormalities observed during our routine screening are found, we may recommend testing with automated visual fields, optic nerve OCT, electroretinography, and serial optic nerve photography. If diagnosed with glaucoma, our doctors will recommend a treatment corresponding to your individual findings, potentially including medical or surgical therapies.

Treatments may involve medical, surgical, or laser treatments to reduce eye pressure. We offer Selective Laser Therapy, which is a safe and simple laser treatment that is performed in our office. Continued treatment is vital once diagnosed with glaucoma as vision loss is not often noticed by the patient.

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