Low vision is a decreased level of visual functioning that cannot be cured by corrective lenses, medicine, or surgery. It impacts daily activities, independence, and quality of life. Low vision rehabilitation is a multi-disciplinary approach to use remaining vision to the fullest.

Low vision or visual impairment may be caused by macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, brain injury, or a multitude of ocular conditions. Low Vision Rehabilitation addresses the needs and goals of the visually impaired and can include eye care specialists, occupational therapists, and orientation and mobility specialists.

If a patient meets the criteria following a comprehensive eye exam, an appointment will be scheduled for a Low Vision Examination with Dr. Eric M. Johnson. He utilizes advanced examination techniques and goal oriented assessments to help each patient achieve better functionality and independence. Goals may be reached with low vision devices, such as magnifiers, contrast enhancing lenses, telescopes, or visual modification techniques.

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